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TIVAR® 88 Applications

TIVAR® 88 is a very versatile material that can be fabricated for use in many applications. Some of the common applications are highlighted in the gallery below. Would TIVAR® 88 improve the efficiency of your application? Email us at sales@lawrenceindustriesnow.com for a free consultation!

TIVAR 88 Drag Flights

TIVAR® 88 Paddles

Fabricating drag flight paddles out of TIVAR® 88 is an excellent option for carrying bulk materials on a conveyor. The non-stick properties of TIVAR® 88 reduce material buildup which allows for less frequent cleaning and more production time.


TIVAR® 88 Conveyor Skirting

With TIVAR® 88 fabricated conveyor skirting you’ll reduce material build up and promote smooth flow of material along conveyor belts.

TIVAR 88 Fabricated Drop-In Liner

TIVAR® 88 Drop-In Liners

Drop-In liners improve flow while allowing quick and simple installation of the liner. These liners rarely need more than a leading edge protector to hold them in and work great in small to medium size applications. Their one piece construction allows for time efficient installation with minimal required tools.

TIVAR 88 Rail Car Liner

TIVAR® 88 Rail Car Dump liners

Speed up dump times and reduce carryback with the slick surface provided by TIVAR® 88 fabricated rail car liners.

TIVAR 88-2 Drop-in Liner

TIVAR® 88 Hopper Transition Liners

Keep your materials flowing with fabricated TIVAR® 88 transition hopper liners. TIVAR® 88 will promote a smooth non-stick transition for material flow eliminating plugging.


TIVAR® 88 Rail Dump Receiving Hopper Liners

The low-coefficient of friction surface of TIVAR® 88 will allow coal to flow freely through the hopper eliminating the need for cleaning clogs before another load can be brought in.

TIVAR 88 Extruded Pipe

TIVAR® 88 Tubing

TIVAR® 88 tubing can be used as a standalone gravity discharge pipe by attaching a flange via extrusion welding or spin welding or can be used as a liner for your pre-existing pipe.

TIVAR Slide Gate

TIVAR® Slide Gates

Reduce material build up and cleaning times with TIVAR® fabricated slide gates. The slick surface of TIVAR® allows the slide gate to slide smoothly, lowering machine stress. The non-stick properties of TIVAR® allow for easy cleaning and reduced material loss caused by material build up.